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five 5 tips rules for a succesful nft collection featured image
five 5 tips rules for a succesful nft collection featured image


5 Rules for Successful NFT Collections

2022 is already the year of NFTs. High frequency traded NFT collections of artsy cartoon characters to more utility-driven NFT collections of multiple-tiered NFT access passes to restaurants.Super succesful, however also both copied, victim to scammers and poor effort uploads, bringing … image to the cryptospace.

It may be hard to impossible to ‘explain’ what would make an artwork valuable, which holds true for art in general. The same holds truecollection profit
The What makes a NFT collection valuable? 
NFT-registered art vs non-NFT registered art:vs present/contemporary/present-day type of art/artworks/collections

Keep it clean

No other objects than the pure collection (like ‘tickets’, ‘memorables’, land vs nfts’s etc

Great community and communication

  1. Well set-up Discord servers with channels
  2. clear responses, no spam, no ‘opstoken’

Deliver high quality artwork

example monkeys on opensea vs, traits/trait-count ratio

Tell a good story

  1. What is it
  2. what does the nft collection stand for
  3. values
  4. how to continue after minting

Provide owner value


Golden Tips for NFTs

What are some of the best tips for successful NFT creation?

Let us know in the comments!

Are you an Artist?

Want to create your own NFT collection on a blockchain but do not know how?

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