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five 5 tips rules for a succesful nft collection featured image
five 5 tips rules for a succesful nft collection featured image


5 Rules for Successful NFT Collections

Browse any NFT Marketplace and you experience an avalance of NFT Collections. From high frequently traded NFT collections of artsy cartoon characters to more utility-driven NFT collections

It may be hard to impossible to ‘explain’ what would make an artwork valuable, which holds true for art in general.

So.. What does make a NFT collection valuable? Find out how to a create succesful and valuable NFT project.

This scope of this post is mainly on pure NFT (art) Collections.

Keep your NFT collection clean

No other objects than the pure collection. Pure art or utility NFTs.

No ‘tickets’, ‘memorables’, or other extra’s that distract from the main content.

Great community and communication surrounds the NFT Project

  1. Clear communication through main stream social media channels.
  2. Well set-up Discord server with active moderation.
  3. Clear responses, no spam, no encouragement of unnecessary notorious behaviour
  4. No trickery into ‘locking in’ NFT-owners by coming up with more ‘golden’ opportunities and bullshit.

Deliver high quality artwork for your NFT Collection

High quality content is super-important for a succesful NFT creation. All else is subjective to the quality and versatility of the collection. Number of traits (trait-count ratio), attention to detail and story telling.

Tell a good story for your NFT Collection

What is it

It should be clear instantly what the collection is about. What is the story told here?

It can be a pure human created art collection, AI Generated crypto art, some cult niche NFT collection or the NFTs support a digital metaverse. For example in the form of virtual land.

What does the NFT collection stand for

What value system and level of inclusivity does the NFT collection inhibit?

How to continue after all NFTs are minted

Is there a future road map for the NFT collection, and is this well communicated and maintained? How does the NFT project seeks to stay relevant.

Provide owner value to NFT Collections

Privileges, extra’s, merch, goodies, ‘fast lane’-options et cetera. Great and valuable collections (high floor price relative to trading activity) NFT Collections all provide value to the owner of the NFT.

Examples are parties on Yachts for BAYC owners, special merchandise, or exclusive access to establishments. Read more about NFT Membership access.

Golden Tips for NFTs

What are some of the best tips for successful NFT creation?

Let us know in the comments!

Are you an Artist?

Want to create your own NFT collection on a blockchain but do not know how?

Last Updated on 06/10/2022 by delta

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