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best bitcoins documentaries films updated for 2022 by cryptospace featured image
best bitcoins documentaries films updated for 2022 by cryptospace featured image


Best Bitcoin and Crypto Documentaries

In this guide, discover the top Bitcoin movies and documentaries you should watch -updated for 2022.

We start with the best Bitcoin Documentaries, after which we explore who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Deep Web and ICOs.

Lastly, we conclude with more interesting crypto documentaries that share perspectives from geographical regions like China, Scandinavia, and Africa.

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin (2016) is one of the most popular Bitcoin movies.

Situated in New York City, the documentary explores how money is involved in centralized systems like banks and how fiat money became corrupted, non-functional, and ineffective.

The video documentary takes an in-depth look at what Bitcoin is and how it will shape people’s lives.

Banking on Bitcoin discusses why Bitcoin is a good alternative to fiat money. Moreover, it explains that it is the only honest or sound money. Money that is free from tampering or corruption.

If you want to know why so many people believe in the future of Bitcoin, watch Banking on Bitcoin.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014) takes a look at the journey of Bitcoin as a digital currency.

The Bitcoin documentary features famous early adopters and leading Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin talks about the lows and highs of Bitcoin up to 2014, as well as distinct events that made headlines for the number one cryptocurrency.

An in-depth look is given at the “largest social-economic experiment ever conducted”.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is the perfect crypto documentary for beginners.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The main focus of The Bitcoin Phenomenon (2014) is on the history of Bitcoin, the ideologies, and conflicts between early adopters.

The documentary features leaders of the Bitcoin movement as well as top thinkers, venture capitalists, libertarians, and entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin world.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon is a excellent documentary if you want to learn more about the History of Bitcoin and the different views on what Bitcoin is and should be.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know (2015) is a documentary by Torsten Hoffman that seeks to show how disruptive Bitcoin is to the current monetary system.

This concise Bitcoin documentary raises valid questions whether Bitcoin is the future of money, or just a recipe for a financial catastrophe.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It is a great documentary for people who want to learn more about the relationship between traditional Money and Crypto Currencies.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018) is a short documentary that takes an in-depth look at the fundamentals of Bitcoin and how a decentralized currency is able to function in today’s world.

For the first time in history, money is no longer controlled by banks or governments, but by the people who use it.

The Bitcoin documentary looks for answers to questions like “Where did this currency [bitcoin] come from?” and “How does Bitcoin work?”.

Concise and direct to the point, Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble shows us how cryptocurrencies function and challenges the long-term sustainability of a totally unregulated market.

The Bitcoin Gospel

The Bitcoin Gospel (2015) is a video by Dutch broadcaster VPRO that documents the purpose of having Bitcoin, why Bitcoin scares central banks, and the financial crisis of 2008.

The Bitcoin documentary highlights Andreas Antonopolous, a well-known figure in the blockchain community.

The Bitcoin Gospel presents Bitcoin as an alternative to the existing financial system.

Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust

In Bit x Bit: in Bitcoin we Trust (2018) futurists enlighten the minds of many for the acceptance of a digital value exchange system focused on prosperity and transforming our world.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however, as the documentary also discusses the dark side of cryptocurrencies: drug marketplaces and various scandals.

If you’re looking for a balanced perspective of the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, then this is most definitely the documentary for you.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain


Fiat currencies have always been valued on the assumption that the government issuing them will be able to meet its obligations.
Cryptocurrencies should not be viable in principle because they are completely unregulated and are not issued by any authority.

Alex Winter analyzes how and why blockchain technology might be the answer to global issues like poverty and hunger in this cryptocurrency documentary.

While Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a touch speculative, it does offer some fascinating insights into the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Worth a watch if you want to better understand what the crypto future could look like.

The Blockchain and Us

The Blockchain and Us (2017) has won several awards.

There would be no Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies if the blockchain did not exist.
Director Manuel Stagars examines the development of blockchain technology and how it has the potential to transform the world forever in this documentary.

To better grasp what blockchain technology means for us, Stagars meets with software engineers, cryptographers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Simply said, The Blockchain and Us teaches viewers all they need to know about blockchain technology.

The documentary challenges us to think beyond our preconceived notions of what is possible.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

Bitcoin has sparked much more questions than it has answered since its inception.
A mysterious founder who has never been seen in public, as well as a decentralized currency that resists all official regulation.

The crypto revolution, on the other hand, has proven the pessimists incorrect.
Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution is a documentary that looks at the cryptocurrency revolution and Bitcoin’s hidden popularity.
The video also aims to explain how a money that only exists in the digital sphere is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the globe.

If you’ve ever wondered how Bitcoins were created or how the crypto economy operates, this is the documentary for you.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King


to be updated.

I am Satoshi

I am Satoshi (2015) is a documentary that won “Most Creative Video” at the  Blockchain Awards in 2014.

The link between Bitcoin and the financial system is investigated using an investigative technique.

Open-source platforms have generated disruption, but the financial industry has remained unaffected.

I Am Satoshi, also known as ‘Ulterior States,’ is a fantastic documentary for anybody interested in learning more about Bitcoin.

Deep Web

Deep Web (2015) explores the rise of the Silk Road marketplace, examines the politics of the deep web, and Bitcoin’s role in all of it.

The documentary follows the trial of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, who has been in jail for over 9 years at the time of writing, and the events that led to his downfall.

The Deep Web goes beyond Bitcoin and instead explores the cryptocurrency’s role on the Silk Road.

Watch this crypto documentary if you want to learn how Silk Road was operarting. Moreover, the documentary is narrated by legendary Keanue Reeves!

New Kids on the Blockchain

New Kids on the Blockchain (2020) – A Savage Journey To The Heart Of Crypto And The ICO

“We drank the Crypto Kool-Aid and got sucked into the ICO bubble of 2017-2019: A wild ride into the heart of the Blockchain dream of decentralized freedom. Was it a mirage or start of new way to do capitalism? Whatever it was – it was crazy”

Bitcoin — Shape The Future

Bitcoin – Shape the Future (2017) is a Bitcoin/crypto documentary that teaches viewers more about the Chinese view of Bitcoin and the crypto landscape in China.

Bitcoin-Shape the Future is the first Chinese documentary on Bitcoin and highlights companies like Huobi and Bitmain that originate from China’s crypto space.

The Bitcoin Experiment

The Bitcoin Experiment (2015) shines a light on the failure of the Euro.

It takes viewers on a road trip across Scandinavia with the goal of understanding more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution

Banking on Africa (2020) is a Bitcoin documentary that follows the journey of Bitcoin pioneers on the African continent.

Africa is increasing their independency from the traditional banking system that failed them.

Watch this documentary if you want to see if Bitcoin can be the revolution for millions of people that do not have access to centralized banking systems.

What Bitcoin and Crypto Documentaries should be on this list?

Let us know in the comments!

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