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bored ape yacht club bored ape nazi club controversy 4chan nft culture documentary video film cover
bored ape yacht club bored ape nazi club controversy 4chan nft culture documentary video film cover


Bored Ape Yacht Club.. or Bored Ape Nazi Club?! – Controversial Documentary

“This [controversial] documentary isn’t investigative journalism, it’s a hit piece.

Don’t be fooled by the creator’s video, it’s not worth your time…

…Unless you have a lot of Whiskey on hand.”

Medium article

And thát’s why we post this it here.. at CryptoSpace. Educate yourself in internet or 4chan culture. Watch the documentary below.

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Automatic Transcript of the Documentary: Bored Ape Nazi Club

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1-10 min

What if I told you that one of the most successful nft collections in the world was pulling off the biggest troll in internet history no not convincing people that is ugly s*** is or or that it has any value what if I told you that hidden within bored ape yacht club was a series of 4 chain trolling racist imagery and white supremacy dog whistles and with a deep understanding of Cipher in cryptography the founders of bored ape yacht club are making a mockery of the entire world pulling the Strings of the global elite including celebrities athletes actors and influences this story is extremely complicated for many reasons the problem with accepting the truth I’m about to tell you is that you have to have extensive knowledge of Fortune internet Culture and symbolism to even wrap your head around this and understand the motive the most important fact I’m about to tell you that you must remind yourself as we go along is that the entirety of boredapeyachtclub is esoteric design it is only meant to be understood by a select number of people with specialised knowledge and as you can see here it is considered based on others with that knowledge connect the dots almost all of the absurdist references present in boredapeyachtclub or glaringly obvious to the In Crowd in the invisible to anyone who isn’t terminally online I might as well be speaking a different language if I don’t prime you on every aspect of this elaborate cypher combine this with bored ape yacht club being valued at over 8 billion dollars and you have yourself the gold medallists of the troll Olympics I had my doubts about all of this that was until I spoke with one of the top creative directors and internet artists in the world who is an expert of internet Culture 4chan and trolling in order to us worked with Kanye West crimes and came Impala other creative projects that you’ve definitely seen January 2022 a website goes live called according was the signature of Ryder ribs Ryder ripps is eccentric and is a trendsetter in every regard created the deal with it mean dump FM internet archaeology and V files when it comes to the internet Ryder ripps is one of the most innovative artists of our generation it’s no secret that uses internet Culture and the nature of Trolling to amplify his artistic messages if there’s anyone to educate others on iconography and the meaning behind or it’s Rider ribs and if I happen to be the founders of an nft project manipulating the masses into a certain value on a racist imagery I would not work with him for the past 6 months Rydal ribs and other researchers have collected all of the data and sources that highlight boredapeyachtclub successful but depraved continued stone and I say continued because they still operate on checked 4chan is the gutter of the internet founded in 2003 by 15-year old Christopher Poole this message board service there’s a place where internet Culture is born discussed and destroyed users on 4chan typically post as anonymous or none as they argue with the identity of the user as nothing to conversations at hand but the collective anonymous culture of the Message Board has devolved into a degenerate pit of despair along with anonymous identities there is virtually no moderation as a result of this present 4chan spiral into some of the weirdest and most disturbing rabbit holes on the internet so why haven’t posted well as Rydal ribs describe to me trolling is a sport on 4chan this point alone is necessary in understanding the motive behind bored ape yacht club the Internet history for train has been responsible for trolling mainstream Media endlessly one classic example of this was 14 and tricked mainstream Media into thinking the ok hand symbol signified white Power the media room with it and as a result actual white supremacists adapted it as their own internet joke that illuminated a problem with mainstream Media they’re willing is to post anything was taken literally in the meaning of the joke changed forever another example of this is comedian Sam Hyde being the ghost of Kiev Leslie let’s talk about the benefit of the doubt imagine all of what I’m about to tell you it’s one giant coincidence somewhere along the grocery list of examples of boredapeyachtclub being one massive right inside joke is a point at which the similarities are no longer coincidences let’s call this The Tipping Point if I bring up one instance that highlights deliberate Nazi fascist or alright messaging you may think for yourself I see it but that’s a reach so I asked you what is your number at what point do all of these examples become crystal clear 

[…] 5:49

The founder of Rockefeller records with Jay-Z and then I don’t know if that monkey thing is like Monkey thing is like what’s the biggest in 80 day Is that we just because either way you should like me with monkey and they keep them so first I wasn’t like that was like why is everything so why is there something that’s been used for you so I don’t know you know and language is difficult for creator that means a lot of room for exploitation you know so that means a lot of people that can understand that one on this day for the last 2 years More to the moon go look at bored ape yacht club and go see the imagery of how is connected to nazism we won’t study long enough to say now look how many billions are they made off of us and our culture and more in FC’s a rabbit all We Need Is Us the reason people have made this conclusion is because of something called a simian Asian this refers to comparing ethnic groups to an ape or monkey civilisation has been used throughout history to put others down in order to dehumanize them you’ll see exactly how boredapeyachtclub uses civilisation to convey racist themes and undertones but first we must understand the culture in which these 8 were born in 2021 bored ape yacht club was launched on April 30th which is the exact day that Hitler died the launcher bored ape yacht club was actually on the 23rd with a week-long presale and they sold out before the 30th however they made it a point to tell the New Yorker that it was the 30th I have shown this picture to various artists This Is Bored ape yacht club site main logo that they use across all of their branding and social media accounts not too bad right how about now most of them left uncomfortably in sheer disbelief the audacity to do this is mind blowing it does not take a genius to see that this boredapeyachtclub logo is a direct copy of the totem cough the skull and bones represents death and was used by blood pressure and Nazi Germany as a military emblem representing death heads only mention pressure because that will play out later when we examine some of the bored Apes both logos also have 18 teeth if you’re unfamiliar the upright white supremacists and neo-nazis love alphanumeric code for number 18 is a symbol of hate more specifically its alphanumeric code for the initials of Adolf Hitler one being a 8 being age is that both logos also have a rough edge which is uncommon in circular emblems it’s just another characteristic that demonstrate they knew what they were copying 40 oclock club was created by a company called yuga Labs like everything in this project the name has meaning a little bit about us to start off the new year and what’s coming what’s the inspiration behind the name yuga Labs words and you go is the name of the villain in Zelda whose ability is that a concern himself and others into 2D or it made sense for an nft company when I heard this I was confused I’ve played just about every Legend of Zelda game and I could not remember for the life of me who you go was you see you go is a boss in the Legend of Zelda a link Between Worlds the 17th and Stormont of Zelda franchise available only on the Nintendo 3DS if you’re a self-proclaimed nerd or gamer you wouldn’t source your name from the most obscure Zelda game ever 


Game for the 3DS everyone knows that Ocarina of Time Majora’s Mask Wind Waker twilight Princess and even breath of the wild or the greatest games in the franchise I could believe gannet Labs after the main antagonist throughout the entire series Ganondorf but yoga I’m not buying it there is a specific reason they pick the name you go on Google Maps website they pay homage to another project called the hash masks this project was made by a Swiss company known as a week Labs this phrase meaning to each their own was on the gate of the bush award concentration camp this phase was also used on the face of Prussian helmets and yuga Labs love suum cuique so much that they even took the exact terms of service user has an entirely different meaning of Kali yuga stems from Hinduism and a refers to an age of conflict or Darkness what is the period or and now I’m just coming to an end weird s*** was predicted by the back of Adidas is the battle of the Gods Ragnarok tell me what happens in cultures like they go to this like these pictures it’s upside down the earliest mention of this phrase in internet Culture was on September 11th 2014 by an anonymous user on fortune in response to people being upset over gamergate or not replied I know it is dark at times but you just gotta learn to enjoy it man inbrace being the bad guy surf the Kali yuga since then the free spread like Wildfire on Monday alright first it was made into a t-shirt by Vincent Van Gogh who founded the French descent and alright political party that operated from 2011 to 2021 apparently alright me March White Hart and the new design of the shirt in 2016 featured a totem cough and in 2019 a telegram group called Kali yoga surfing club was created see anything weird hear the Kali yuga is one of the cornerstones of traditionalist ideology that was preached by Rene guenon a French occultist and philosopher who is credited for introducing the Kali yuga to the west is life going on moved to Egypt became Muslim and preached traditionalism which consisted of extreme anti-semitism and admiration for ancient societies which included hierarchies of class and gender or Nan and Italian born Nazi sympathiser Julius evola revolt revered and mean on 4chan boards placing these two on a pedestal and recommending their works for a sense of woke pseudo intellectualism often messages will be left with pbuh which means peace be upon him a common Arabic phrases PC surfing the Kell you go manifested itself on Paul if he came a repeated phrase and dog whistle a mum uses in fact embracing the darkness or surfing the Kali yuga is a phrase that the alt-right has adapted in order to communicate a sense of collective this might melt your brain but stay with me it’s impossible to show the message exactly what the founders of board a vehicle about doing without understanding chain culture or how fortune acts as a think tank and hivemind one of the worst aspects of chain culture is pseudo intellectualism what you have is a bunch of trolls who Haven’t Seen the Light of Day that have collectively convince themselves they are based woke and have the answers to this world they find Solace in knowing specific information compared to normal people or normal this is why it’s considered esoteric as a result of this you have packets of deranged people who study old text scriptures and societies in order to extract or cake values and worship them the founders of bored ape yacht club or terminally online smart assholes I hate to admit it the founders are clever in I mean really f****** clever the four founders are Gordon Ghana emperor tomato ketchup Gargamel in no SAS you may be wondering why do they all have obscure Xbox Live gamertags well if you think this is innocent you’re not ready for this number one emperor tomato ketchup Kareem Abdul A software engineer on the surface temperature Mayo ketchup sounds like a fortnite skin in reality emperor tomato ketchup is the name of a 1971 film that is band across the world for containing c**************** it’s about children overthrow in adults and establishing their own supremacy in which a young boy in a fascist uniform sexually assaults a grown woman and if you were to ask tomato himself he would say he got the name for my stereolab album which got its name from the film another exam 


Greg Solano

Camille might ring a bell Gargamel is the antagonist who turns sentient beings into money he is widely known as an antisymmetric depiction of a Jewish stereotype Enders Ryder ripps pointed out and also uses the term Gargamel to describe Jewish people seeing that you’ll notice is that this entire umbrella of for a VR club stems from fortune behavior which is based on inserting enough absurdity to create plausible deniability gaugamela smart but he’s a little sloppy according to His Reddit post history he posted a fortune crypto meme before boredapeyachtclub was even live here confirming that he’s at least aware of the culture or uses was a major in college and wrote his thesis paper on 266 which is a book that takes place in Nazi Germany with a main character named after a Nazi SS Dr hands writer even expressed and is now defunct blog that he wanted to write a fiction novel that was real history with imaginative events which is similar to Roberto bolano 2666 this could be a stretch but I’m reminded here of your writing backgrounds do you think there’s any parallel between your big conceptual breakthrough to design and if he’s for what interests you not something sorted demo and the idea that in writing sometimes the best of comes from channel and what you really want to see not with some theoretical reader one’s ever since the board club we’ve seen like 1000 different Avatar collections come up and a lot of them are really cool but what we think was special and what people could kind of read on top of hours is that we didn’t just throw 3D glasses on to Apes and we didn’t have a long essay on exactly what this was but we know it was it’s like Wittgenstein Let The Honourable be conveyed on audibly or Hemingway’s iceberg Theory we know what this world was in why the Apes or this way and that somebody else might get a little thing go under neck looking at it thinking yeah yeah this is kind of different this isn’t just random in this interview Gargamel literally just confirm that bored ape yacht club is his medium for creative writing first the quote is cryptic but it makes a lot of sense given the context of this project let the unalterable be conveyed on other ugly dog whistles hidden meanings fiction writing now Amanda just takes with 3D glasses you don’t understand crypto in this statement Gargamel quote Ludwig Wittgenstein in Austrian Jewish philosopher believed to have been the boy who went to school with Adolf Hitler from 1903 to 1904 according to Rider Kimberly Cornish in the Jew of Lynn’s she alleges that Hitler alludes to a Jewish boy who is believed to be wittenstein in minecon wittenstein entire body of work consists of Cipher cryptology and solving puzzles similar to help bored ape yacht club is one massive puzzle designed to be cracked for the sole purpose of stroking their twisted FanFiction writing boner he States Hemingway’s iceberg Theory which describes exactly what they’re doing itself is also a fortune meme we know that 


We know that he wrote his thesis paper on a Nazi story and we know that he wanted to create something similar blending real and fake events he literally quoted Ludwig Wittgenstein and iceberg Theory confirm that there is hidden meaning and that everything is delivered in bored ape yacht club Praia de Bordeaux PR club Greg serano even stated he wanted to create a love Christine themed and if the project and if you know anything about Lovecraft you was a notorious white supremacist often weaving his prejudices as the basis for his stories the frustration that Rydal ribs and others have felt myself included with the public’s perception of this criticism is immense you can’t begin to educate people on this when they’re too ignorant to realise that they’re being played bored ape yacht club in away is a social experiment in making fun of people who are easily influenced crypto Bros and everyone who sucks off technocrats included it is a commentary on the number going up forever for the Wagner crowd which looks by the slogan we’re all going to make it this is a very real sentiment shared by thousands of people on the internet which the founders of this project have profited off of immensely celebrity worship proper funding fuelled by a dystopian political agenda to get fascist propaganda on the world stage let me be clear I’m not saying buzzwords just to say them this is what’s happening 3 Gordon Garner or Wiley are no also it Bored ape yacht club goes by Gordon Garner the same name 


Wylie Aronow

Together this was done for SEO purposes so that when you type in for dhungana on Google riders website pops up first in an interview with Wiley from 2014 he stated the only book that I don’t like is minecon but I haven’t read it when asked innocently about books he was ordered to making Hitler jokes yeah that’s probably nothing to see here right this is just more proof that wiley’s attempt at humour dates back to 2014 in an interview with rolling stone garden Ghana stated he chose the name because it sounded like Joey Ramone lead singer of The Ramones it should be known that bored ape yacht club connection to the Rolling Stone is not random it’s Neil Strauss author of The Game who is apparently writing about the subculture of bored ape yacht club Gordon Garner is a full phrase anagram for Drago Negro Drago is Australian slang for stupid and Negro means black is also tossed around on 4chan and Reddit is not simply a random word it is also conveniently a species of blackbird another example of a hyper specific double meaning term or phrase in bored ape yacht club there’s not much else known about wildly aka Gordon gonna besides loose leaves that are lead she’s a crypto fascist and his dad is literally done erenow portrayed by John Travolta in Speed kills both Gargamel and Gordon Connor or riders and creatives according to the CEO of UK Labs Nicole Muniz it was almost exactly a year ago Google text to Gordan with a let’s make a nft so Garda Garda in Croydon or both really if they were really active in community by diary writers that actually the background the are storyteller is the creatives and so like like they were fascinated by loved but they were never able to actively participate in



It’s entirely critical that you understand the context of anything so the issue with our club is that they’re not providing any contact the contacts have they provided is that literally it’s meaningless that they said that these are just ate in a swamp like drawing penises on a penis that’s the official story of going to be awkward from the mouth of Nicole ACR like that 



Nothing else And I was like oh yeah I mean the people are just going to drop your missus and that was it like I was like anything anything out of it we hang up the stupid thing that I said that I never would have thought about transformed into DewDrop ups and where do people drop penises and you know it turned into well it’s a bathroom you know it’s a toilet stool and it’s a dive bar and it’s not a day for Eeyore club that’s a dive bar and it’s going to be you know it’s all of these like bored Apes and they just created this life story and this world the game of ice by the cover of The Rolling Stone or is it Direct reference to Hieronymus Bosch who painted pictures like these in order to hide things in them spot the racist dog whistle 


Depends or a racist dog whistle leading to the practise of Belgian King Leopold the second turning off CD hands for punishment in that working hard enough to produce rubber the Congolese then started cutting off fellow African hands as it became a currency valuable to the Belgians in itself never underestimate the ability for bored ape yacht club founders to be this demented let’s try this again this is footage of the bored ape yacht club video game see anything interesting what’s up with these bananas why is the bushel of bananas conveniently shaped like a swastika for SAS station all the software engineer the founder of bored ape yacht club goes by SAS and going off the theme of hidden meanings throughout the entire project this is also delivering essay is the abbreviation for stomach problem and SS4 the should staff on SAS or SAS is the combination of the Two primary Nazi military divisions there are two parts abilities that explain the behaviour of the founders number one is easy they are neo-nazis number two is a bit more complex and rider believes we need new terms to describe what’s happening in other words this is an internet trolls wet dream post ironic racism on the world stage this means that this is a meme but it doesn’t look like one because there’s nothing to indicate otherwise this can also be described as poe’s law it’s impossible to know if someone is joking unless they are thin lol at the end of a message to indicate how it’s supposed to be perceived 


Exactly do you think she got her information from Ryder ripps however she stated solano an hour now don’t appear to have any particular red flags which as we know is a flat out lie pressured by guy Siri Caitlin topless Rene softball story in an effort to save face for more degenerative side a fortune including white nationalists enjoy participating in the Cult of cac a metaphorical fictitious religion that worships pepe the Frog think of it as a tribe on 4chan who considered everyone else not in there 



Solving the puzzle: /Jimmy

Codes would receive a bored ape Kennel Club nft bored ape nft a mutant serum nft and 10 of cerium at the time the value of these prices headed up to hundreds of thousands of Dollars this puzzle will demonstrate just tell for the creators of bored ape yacht club or willing to go in order to play out their racist fans this information is taken directly from this users’ posts on medium this all started with a single stealthy Tweet somebody left a strange know at the bar a message come find me below with the ciphertext of semicolon you a j6 this is a keyboard sofa or if you look at the keys below each letter on a keyboard you see that it spells / Jimmy entering this afternoon born ABI will take you to a new page and you were able to load a puzzle game Jimmy the monkey is back on his bullshiter 

There seems to be a troll as I was not used in the final solution the party room has two interactable objects in at the first object is a dog collar with the numbers 0010 on this is just the ID number for the exact and if he that you would win if you have cracked the puzzle the second object is a 30 poster containing song lyrics the puzzle gives a selection of songs lyrics sorted in alphabetical order by word with one of the words being replaced by the word monkey solving this puzzle involves taking each lyric wordbank identifying the song in figuring out which part of the song the lyrics are referencing you saw each word in that set of the lyrics in ABC order and figure out what word has been replaced with monkey this results in the following troll message wasted your time on this one stupid Apes entering the Poole area present you with 2 puzzles 1 located and inflatable duck in the pool in the other and a drink menu located next to the bar this puzzle presents a list of duck themed clothes in the answer of length going through and solving of the clues results in the list below with this centre set reading the first letter of each answer give the phrase cocktails or shaking which is a clue for the puzzle located next to the bar using the heat from the previous puzzle we now know that this menu list is an anagram of cocktails in addition the text at the bottom of the menu indicate something extra was added to the drinks hinting to the Likely being an extra letter not used in the cocktail anagram with there being 26 many items it seems highly likely the extra letters or the cocktails used every letter a daisy for ordering when done it is quicker


Ring when it was quickly realised all the cocktail start with a unique learner agency that when put an order in Reading the extra letters gives orange liqueur used in Spritz final answer casserole upon entering the kitchen a sheet can be found lying next to the sink this puzzle provides instructions on what to do begin by identifying the dishes that are closed on the left and filling out the blanks on the right the extracted letters highlighted yellow on the sheet spell the phrase Gibraltar’s Barbary which is referencing a specific monkey that lives on Gibraltar the Barbary macaque a final answer my car key in the library you can start by clicking on the bus on a top of the shelf which contains a puzzle scroll this puzzle is a medigap style puzzle as hindered by the title bus Dundalk elf which when read aloud sounds like but on a Shelf you can make for mad gapstile phrases using one word for each column on the scroll the output of each method is its own clue to a word this Final output is yet again a mad gab or six Side first can be read as use 6 sofas a hint for the bookshelf puzzle when you click on the bookshelf next to the fireplace it shows you an enlarged version of the bookshelf this bookshelf contains many different patterns throughout as you start a group the patterns together you will discover there are six separate puzzles using six different ciphers as hinted in the previous puzzle contained in the shelf items the monkey hands there are six hands to write the shelves using American sign language to spell weapon naval flags there are six international maritime signal flags to have the shelves that spell Nessa 5-bit binary there are six groups of books coloured orange and green these books are 5-bit binary which provides 100 100 01010000 100/1000 please can be converted to the decimal equivalent of 85 119:15 14 which can then be further converted to letters to read reason clocks there are 6 through the shelves each clock faces a different time with both hands clearly visible using the clock hands as a flag semaphore you can obtain the letters to spell Salou book titles there are some books facing forward with the titles clearly visible and after reading through the titles you will notice some of the words are from the NATO alphabet Echo Mike bravo Romeo yankee oscar and when you extract the first letter of each letter word it will spell embryo morse code between each of the bookshelves is a repeating pattern of a lighter colour each shelf is a separate letter spelt using morse code if you take Co-codamols for each shelf it will spell analogue now that we have all the words extracted we need to extract the final answer looking at the word for moment it can be seen that the first letter of each word can spell answer when ordered correctly since the first letters spell dancer we extracted the last letter to see if it provides an answer to the puzzle the extract is going on which is a breed of Old World monkey and it’s the name of Rene guenon the game contain find two objects you can interact with the first one is a game called Jimmy the ESO which after some playing didn’t appear to contain a puzzle the second one 


Pictures of hangman in tic-tac-toe big hints for what you are looking for and what the solution is going to be the solution for this puzzle involves taking each puzzle string and figuring out the puzzle rules that included the text here is one example there are a lot of peace so we want to analyse that first you start by separating each line by P we are looking for game related words so we can get the two words here or card and canasta with these two we can deduce that the role for this puzzle is to replace the first letter with P which can then be reversed from the sofa 

Where is the rest from each solution you get the following phrase apartment pal is a character from The Banana Splits in his apartment is Bingo bingo is an ape so we can confidently determine the answer is Bingo the Attic is one of the more difficult puzzles in before we dive into it we first have to talk about the skeleton in the cross base the skeleton in the crawlspace has a bunch of three letter phrases and some numbers with the flavour text of nth plus VAT we know that were trying to combine the phrases to spell words with the numbers most likely being the length of each word there’s really no approach other than may be looking at words that start with your words that end with but the best place to start was realising that nthn dat workload is being connected and could spell en the at that it is mixing and matching until you get something good out of the output you get is Anastasia Steele really loves the Hex is used in the Attic this is a reference to Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey which is red dancing that the Hex colour codes in the attic or grey coats this is basically a second-hand for body which you can see in the Attic section below the Attic starts with an image with some pixels and flavour text about having to feel your way around in the dark this is a reference for being blind and hinting towards the pixels being Brown the phrase you get out of using coloured pixels as braille dots beginners always unlock them old tones if you take the first letter of each word is hindered by the word beginners you get body which is a type of Cipher this is the one puzzle you can right-click and export the image and it just so happens to be SVG so we can extract the Hex colour code accurately for the next step is hindered by the skeleton puzzle extracting all of the binary codes out and removing the lead zero you get the following using board in coding on the binary you get the following the only interesting thing we get is Callum or which is another type of Cipher this suggests that are extract is valid but the rest of it is ciphertext we can then use this string with a column or transposition solver but without a key it was just a bunch of getting words as a key solve this puzzle got stuck here for a while until we’ve noticed that attempting some auto salts on the grid assuming 6 km instead of resulted in the final eight letters looking like a scrambled version of visionary given the first set of data gave us and having an end with vision there now another type of Cipher was too likely to be a coincidence putting some effort in manually with a 6 km assumption you’re able to get the following using Kalamaki of 463 or 256 3 gives an output that spilt visionaire at the end giving us the following possible strings cutting vizionare of the end and taking the remaining letters we try to decrypt Cipher using visionaire and testing keywords relating to bored apes in the puzzle eventually they landed on the following australopithecus at this point it’s time to sort the final solution taking the answer from each puzzles and storing them in ABC we get the farm 


Pittacus Anthropologie for your 1931 Ludwick call Lawson join the Nazi Party in later on the talking expedition to German east Africa in search for a primitive man in 1938 to 1939 he discovered australopithecus afarensis at literally without realising the importance of is fine motorway get tempted to prove that all people have a common origin but that 

Smooth bingo in his friends or animatronics created by coral digital children as The Banana Splits however after the show is cancelled bingo and his Friends start a killing spree you want to know something even creepier bingo only has three lines in the movie most famous words with the only words bingo weather says sounds just like accelerationism 

Is that the way you said that to bingo you just say bingo bingo double entendre he’s the father of traditionalism bringing the kill you go to the West End going on is also a species of monkey macaque a also has double entendre my cock a is a racial slur and a type of monkey by definition there is a clear distinction of what type of monkey both were none in my car keys are they are part of the old 

Airport of the old world classification of monkeys in 2006a Virginia senator was called out for using this love with Close ties to Virginia the founders of bored ape yacht club would definitely be aware of this political disaster to have got in trouble with words that you’ve added me back to August 11th you write a campaign stop in a young man who is videotaping it for the web campaign was there also let’s watch 

Mistake I said thanks thoughtlessly I’ve apologise for that as well I should but there was no racial or ethnic intend to slow anyone if I had any idea that that that word and to some people and some parts of the world world was an insult I would never do it because it’s contrary to what I believe my theory is that the prime ministers of this puzzle or Direct reference to the founders of the project and apple could be seen 

Known as km or chain they can be classified by their Hawaiian shirts and absurdist means Dials to make anyone who calls them out looking so they can be a very effective tactic when trolling this bored ape yacht club shirt is an exact Bugley boy Hawaiian shirt Used to Love by 4chan uses this is 814 8814 is a neo-nazi dog whistle it is a direct reference to the white supremacists Logan known as the 14 words we must secure the existence of other people in future for white children the slogan was coined by David Lane a member of the white supremacist terrorist group known as the order the Number 88 is white supremacist alphanumeric code 4HH which stands for hell Hitler 1488 which is also included in the ATL database or the anti-defamation league is a combination of these 2/8 symbols guys I’ve been on the internet 20 years and I pretty much about every single different it’s an English language and a few other languages as well so not understand understand the euphemisms like 14888 is work it’s really dark what do you see on this date no not a bloodshot eyes this is wearing a prison outfit with the numbers 01980 7200 practise in cryptography cold no padding we are left with 1987 which we can deduce is a year 1987 is a reference to the year that rudolf Hess a Nazi hero died in the Spandau prison in West Berlin as result of his conviction during the Nuremberg Trials it was destroyed the same here to prevent them from becoming a neo-nazi shrine not everyone who has he bought it is aware of the inherent racism let me put your attention to the cell’s activity tab if someone is selling and they said the price interestingly enough there is a pattern of selling apps for variations of 88a theory ending prices in 8 or .1 for this is a cut and dry sample of esoteric racism babe 6969 features the same prison jumpsuit and a Prussian helmet with a shiting grin this is a troll Hidden in Plain Sight design to Mark everyone who looks at it the odds of a 6969 which is a troll in itself having both the prison jumps to end a Prussian helmet is statistically near impossible in the bored ape yacht club project ordering with various characteristics include clothing accessories eyes faces anything you seeing these agents can be randomly generated to produce the final product that we see as an by Design some of these characteristics are more real than others which means more desirable which results in a higher price some of these characteristics or harmless but there is a definite for line with one characteristic in particular headwear the Prussian helmet is known as a figure lab which is a reference to the German empire from 1871 to 1919 the Vietnam era helmet features and Ace of Spades card attached to the helmet it was a custom American soldiers started in World War II but continued in Vietnam in Vietnam however American soldiers would leave in Ace of Spades on Dead Vietnamese soldiers

American soldiers will leave in Ace of Spades on Dead Vietnamese soldiers the card in the board a pelmet has a letter j on it which would indicate a jack of Spades not in ace the founders of this project or not slappy riders and wouldn’t get history wrong if it meant they could include yet another racist reference maybe this explains it based on a 1938 decree in Nazi Germany every June Germany had to carry identification card marked with j for Jewish at all times this headband is a Japanese headband known as a hachimaki can have different Japanese characters on them to mean different things there are six variations that are the most popular and commonly used bored ape yacht club went with kamikaze to indicate imperial Japan suicide pilots a sushi chef would never wear this headband the safari helmet is it British or European pithad used by the British Empire in colonising Africa and Belgium in the Congo led by King Leopold the second as you know cut off Congolese hands the car we had is known as a u Shankar and with the Sickle and hammer it represents the Soviet Union or the 

Represents the Soviet Union or the USSR during World War II while Russians were commanded by tyrannical leader Joseph Stalin the fence is a potential reference to the Ottoman Empire but there’s also such thing as a Nazi fez with all of these helmets and headwear one can see a clear picture of chain cultures visitation of power and dominion of those they seem weaker October 2021 music Siri founder of management for Maverick who represents Madonna in YouTube acquired representation of bored ape yacht club include securing book deals for music television video games and even movie integrations this was a Powerplay for bored ape yacht club because it legitimised funding install power behind the project with the connections of guys Siri bored ape yacht club now had a way to control them Media messaging and their project obviously has so much hype in stomach support criticism some people connected somebody in images to racist tropes bloody potato respond to that criticism it 

8 in play The Story is is about them one of the numbers is Jewish what is Turkish where is Pakistani where is Cuban dial Siri who is one of the partners 50ml last year it is really I myself in human and I’m actually first generation American the idea that were your Nazis or hot right is The idea that you can be racist or even ironically racist because your ethnic is the saddest excuse I’ve ever heard this interview is bought by guy Siri here he is pictured with the founder of D3 and this woman looks oddly familiar guy Siri is even referred to as the 5th April reference to the fifth Beatle when Rider launch Gordon die series 1 of the deep end Ryder ripps describe to me a 2-hour phone call consisting of Guy series screaming at him to stop digging into the project after Rider explain the symbolism 20 serie B replied with whom I to judge what are is every member that Rolling Stone interview I mentioned Gordon Ghana stated are we the Beastie Boys of.nft because right after our initial success it felt like The Beastie Boys going on tour with Madonna everyone was like who the f*** are these kids the Rolling Stone article then States funnily enough Madonna’s long time Siri sign down to rip the foursome about a month after Ghana made this car I meant to Rolling Stone it’s just so ironic that bored ape yacht club would go on to partner with Madonna’s Siri here’s the family tree of bored ape yacht club or from Miami they met later in life at a Bar arguing about literature and zeeshan Ali shams University of Maryland together also attended University of Maryland forward go on to get his mfa at university of Virginia PO Box of UK Labs is in Alexandria Virginia the CEO of UK Labs Nicole Muniz went to high school with Wiley Marc andreessen is the funding guy or Siri is the management and PR and it’s not a for stretch to say that Neil Strauss is there a rolling stone Media connection is also reading a book based on poor behaviour club or Siri and Neil Strauss go back in 1998 when guys Siri was featured in the credits of Neil Strauss biography on Marilyn Manson one of the most mind-boggling parts to this ongoing story is Celebrity endorsement everywhere you look a new celebrity flaunts their hideous not sleep propaganda I wouldn’t expect them to know any better but there’s something going on underneath the surface I know most celebrities are denser than a cement block but you can’t convince me they would all spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these JPEGs just because of hype culture so what’s actually going on in a Twitter spaces video Ben baller a celebrity jeweller describe the process of receiving a bored ape

Moonpay has celebrities sign NDAs or non-disclosure agreement contracts revealing how they received the Ape I just got my first and the federal trade commission laws so next time you see a celebrity show off their bored you can see who’s a puppet taking advantage of their audience all while unknowingly contributing to an apocalyptic political ideology back by the technocratic you may be asking yourself who designed the slaves in the first place surely they would be the ones responsible for drawing the racist imagery currently it is believed that there are six artists on the UK Labs team however there was an artist in particular that provided the basis for the Apes her name was Senokot when confronted and showing the Finnish designs she claim she did not even recognise the final product and was shocked at the characteristic she saw that describe the payment from you collapse as not ideal if they’re all they were rolling in millions of dollars and she wasn’t even getting a slice of the pie however it is speculated that seneca received a $1000000 bonus from the company after Media outlets front round her story at the end of the day seneca a very talented artist was not responsible for this imagery project represents a sinister commentary on people’s this to happen trends in project just because it’s in the spotlight I say this is an ongoing story because on April 30th 2022 one year after launching bored ape yacht club cabs want a metaverse called other side if the date sounds for me earlier it’s because it’s also Hitler’s death day available in the video game that doesn’t exist yet or call decoders spelt with a K in music coda with AC means the end and obviously the theme of transitioning from life to death or crossing to the other side there new mediverse also features stonehall Jackson a reference to the Confederate leader Stonewall Jackson and plot one is owned by every tomato ketchup a long away Ryder ripps was able to open the eyes of thousands of people by organising the information and explaining the full context to the best of visibility knowing all too well that the barrier to entry of this information is driving down the Deep rabbit holes of white supremacy the alt-right and fortune but now one things for certain he was correct and telling me that bored ape yacht club is the biggest troll in internet history now that you know everything there is to know about bored ape yacht club so cute little Social experiment what can we do about this well as it stands right now the founders of boredapeyachtclub operate relatively on checked that’s because there’s no real pressure they’re tactic of using plausible deniability and dumb excuses to deflect from the truth is about to change Nicole Muniz I really hope you had no idea this was going on and if you didn’t that means your business partners strong you along because they think of you as a normie it’s unfortunate if you got roped into this guy oh Siri we will not be silenced that’s all I’m going to say Gordon Gaga tomato in SAS 


Making this girl speak with you until I want every celebrity actor fly an influencer to burn the f****** ape I want to make such a f****** shitstorm that everyone from Steph curry the post Malone to Jimmy Fallon is forced to act you see this little Price Tag is contingent on you the market the people but in their minds it’s the normal the sheep that made them Rich so I asked you or you a f****** sheep I want each and everyone of you to tweet hashtag burn bayc on Twitter let’s play the game burn means to destroy but it’s also something you can do with your nft if you hold one not only will we sync bored ape yacht club because of their disgusting skiing we will send a message this message will be loud and clear we will that be related to piss off a profile pictures and amplify his own research writer created Rydal ribs bored ape yacht club Rider 18 dmca Takedown request against yuga Labs so where to find the point that you can copy an nft writer also said his royalties to 0% in this case it’s truly not about the money he is also creating a Market Place saving people billions of dollars a year in gas fees and if you see my profile picture don’t be fooled it doesn’t contain any racist imagery it’s also from the Ryder ripps bored ape yacht club collection silly goose you can copy an nft and I think I’ll call him Caesar you can even use them as your profile picture because we’re about to take over 

Ending scene bunker with hitler and yuga labs hq

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