#1 “GET REKT” – Crypto Memes & Jokes

After the massive dips of 40% people might need some jokes and fun.
Get ready for the first post in the crypto memes serie: “GET REKT”.

crypto meme joke girl hodling bitcoin pre crash
crypto meme joke girl hodling bitcoin post crash

crypto meme joke elon musk tweet
I took an arrow to the knee face

crypto meme joke mcdonalds working
To the… McDonalds!

crypto meme joke buy the dip dog trauma
Crypto PTSS

crypto meme joke cat bitcoin sliding price
Bitcoin price slides away

crypto meme joke elon musk burning house
Meanwhile Elon is like…

crypto meme joke check out those crypto bitcoin mountains
Dude, check out those mountains!

crypto meme joke laser eyes bitcoin simpsons
Where did all the Bitcoin laser eyes go?

crypto meme joke when plan b becomes plan c garbage
Instantly Plan B’s ‘Stock to Flow’-model starts to look like Plan C

crypto meme joke dinner with candles
Ramen Noodles for Days!

crypto meme joke magic internet money
After the first sign of revival

crypto meme joke forrest gump moon lambo
When the 4H-candle turns green

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