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formula 1 sponsors partnerships f1 crypto 2022 featured image
formula 1 sponsors partnerships f1 crypto 2022 featured image


Crypto Partnerships in Formula 1 Racing

Are cryptocurrency projects and Bitcoin exchanges using Formula 1 to gain more mainstream adoption? A keen eye has noticed various crypto partnerships in Formula 1 in the year 2022.

Two Formula One teams, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo, even introduced their own official Formula 1 sports fan tokens.

Red Bull

The latest Formula One team to enter the crypto market is Red Bull Racing. View all Crypto Partnerships with the Red Bull Formula 1 Team below.


Tezos, Redbull and Oracle have announced a brand-new collection of NFTs as they establish a brand-new partnership with the blockchain network.

The NFTs will only be available on the Tezos blockchain, which Red Bull Racing describes as “pioneering and energy efficient”.



Crypto Partnerships with the Mercedes Formula 1 Team.



The Ferrari Formula 1 team has in 2022 the following crypto partnership.


Crypto partnerships with the McLaren Formula 1 Team.

OKX the team’s Official Digital Banking Partner.





Alpha Tauri

Lif3 is powered by the Fantom blockchain. Earlier we wrote about two other DeFi products on Fantom in our article SpiritSwap vs SpooksySwap.

Aston Martin

View all the Crypto Partnerships the Red Bull Formula 1 Team has concluded below

This fan-token website doesn’t have any recognizable advertising on the Formula 1 car. The crypto sports fan token brand created, however, Aston Martin F1 Official Fan Token.

Williams: –

Alfa Romeo

The company that specializes in rewards and ‘fan influence’ has created the sports fan token for Alfa Romeo.


According to an article on Medium, Floki Inu announced a partnership with F1 team Alfa Romeo.

Haas: –

Formula 1 Crypto Partnerships in 2022

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