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hardware wallet ledger nano s nano x review crypto bitcoin how to store
hardware wallet ledger nano s nano x review crypto bitcoin how to store


Ledger Nano S and X Hardware Wallet Review

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Hardware wallets are physical wallets that help you securely store digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and non-soluble tokens. Hardware wallets are one of the securest methods to hold cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets, a type of cryptocurrency wallet, are physical devices that store digital keys for crypto assets. It becomes the sole crypto asset owner and provides more functionality, but only if it owns a “private key.”

It means that you are the only one who can sign a transaction to use or send cryptos. A secret key is like a password to permit funds. The wallet itself is protected with a PIN, and if you try to access it several times, it will be erased so that you can prevent physical theft.

In addition, hardware wallets can physically sign off on transactions, further strengthening the security layer of each action.

What is Ledger Nano S

Nano S is the first Ledger hardware wallet that stores and trades Ethereum, Bitcoin, and famous altcoins such as ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. The wallet runs on a USB connection and supports firmware-level apps used for multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to receive and send cryptocurrency payments, verify accounts, and control multiple addresses for all cryptocurrencies from one device.

It also offers an integrated display of the right size, with real-time messages and the ability to tap and confirm transactions and funds on the device with physical buttons. The device is very effective in protecting wallet addresses and cryptocurrencies. The private key is locked tightly to the ledger nano S secure element to prevent any deception. Every time you connect a device for inquiries or transactions, a 4-digit PIN code is required to confirm that it is not misapplied in the event of theft or loss of the device.

What is Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X uses a special tiny chip called a “secure element” that stores cryptographic data. Designed for high-security applications that are tamper-resistant and need to store sensitive data.

The private key is stored separately and encrypted in the secure element’s chip. The main idea of this device is that it is the easiest way to protect Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies offline. In the case of Ledger, the device uses what is called a “secure element.”

It also protects your private keys from malware, and means that they are more secure than other software wallets.

Why Ledger wallets are important

When you own Cryptos, what you really own is the private key to access your coins. You should be the only administrator of this key and keep it safe.

Combining the Ledger hardware wallet with the Ledger Live app is the best way to securely manage Cryptos and NFTs. The hardware wallet always protects the private key in an authenticated and secure chip.

No one but you can access it. Any dealing must be confirmed on the device’s trusted display and physically confirmed by you.

The wallet also gives you the freedom to manage your Cryptos yourself. With the Ledger Live application, you can securely purchase, exchange and grow your Cryptos – in one app.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique development in the field of hardware cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Convenient Ledger Live application with simple features.


  • The website and software are not localized in any other language, and the interface is available in English only.
  • Requires using a Ledger Nano hardware wallet, which is the only way to operate on the exchange.

Final Thoughts

Ledger started with Ledger Nano S and eventually became one of the best cryptocurrency wallets to exist in the cryptocurrency market. Even as newer wallets come to market, Ledger Nano S remains one of the world’s most popular and highly rated wallets.

After Ledger Nano S, the company released Ledger Nano X. The latter objective was to improve some of the features of Ledger Nano S and add new features to the Ledger wallet.

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