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There are a lot of useful crypto tools. For example tools for tracking cryptocurrency markets, crypto comparing tools, tools for NFTs, DeFi and other useful websites for crypto trading and charting. On this page we collect the best crypto tools.

Market Data

All the best tools and data about Bitcoin and crypto markets.

Coinmarketcap – Biggest crypto ranking and website for market data. Owned by Binance.

CoinGecko – Often quicker with adding new coins and also very popular market data for crypto’s.

LiveCoinWatch – Good alternative for keeping an overview of all the coins. Good customization.


Coin360 – Cryptocurrency Prices Heatmap for the biggest coins.

Crypto Bubbles – Interactive bubble chart for cryptocurrencies.

Coin Particles

Market Analytics

All the best tools and analytics about Bitcoin and crypto markets.

Coinglass – Long-Short ratio at various exchanges

Glassnode – Market Analytics

BuyBitcoinWorldwide – Bitcoin Volatility index

News and Calendars

All the best News and Calendars about Bitcoin, ICOs and crypto.


End the FUD – The best links to articles debunking Bitcoin FUD

Charts and Tradings

All the best tools for Charts and Trading, about Bitcoin and crypto. Start charting!

TradingView: TradingView is a charging platform and social network for traders and currently the most popular platform for sharing ideas and doing technical analysis.

Multi Coin Charts – Keep track with multiple TradingView windows on 1 screen.


All the best tools for finding trends in crypto, Social volume and dynamics. Trade crypto using social analytics on Bitcoin and other crypto markets.

LunarCrush – Social Media impact on cryptocurrency markets.

Altcoin Season Index – Is it crypto Altseason right now? – Crypto Fear and Greed index

Aggr.Trade – Cryptocurrency Aggregator. Watch “The Battle of the Whales” live! Even more fun with audio on.

Comparing and Miscellaneous

Other useful Bitcoin and Crypto tools. Tools for comparing cryptocurrencies and marketcaps.

Coin Perspective – Compare cryptocurrency marketcaps. How much would your coin be worth if it has the same marketcap as Bitcoin?

Withdrawal Fees – Find the lowest withdrawal fees for crypto on various exchanges

Average Transaction Fees Chart – Check out Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies’ transaction fees

KYC? Not me! – Find bestNON-KYC online services – Crypto and the percentage to All Time High

Bitcoin Rich List – Top 100 Highest Bitcoin holdings per wallet address

CBDC Tracker – track the research and application of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s).

Coin specific

Collection of cryptocurrency utility tools.

Bitcoin – Visual Blockchain explorer – Public Bitcoin Lightning Nodes in the World

BTCPay Server – self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency and Bitcoin lightning payment processor

CBBI – ColinTalksCrypto Bitcoin Bull Run Index that combines 9 metrics to help understand what stage of the Bitcoin cycle we are in.



Cardano Epoch Countdown – Find out when the next Cardano epoch ends.

Built on Cardano

CNFT Tools

CardanoCrowd – Database of Cardano Dapps and ICO list

DripDropz – Cardano Token Dispenser

Dapps and DeFi

All the best tools for Dapps and Decentralized Finance. Dashboard, analytics and other tools for DeFi.

It can be hard to keep track of your DeFi holdings, yield and (possible) impermanent loss. Especially if your DeFi activities are spread across different platforms. For this purpose DeFi Trackers have been created.

Tools and dashboards for Decentralized Finance:

  • Coingecko – ranks the top Yield Farming Pools by Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • DeFi Pulse – Decentralized Finance leaderboard: good for checking what platform on what blockchain you want to go with.
  • – Dashboard for DeFi. Supports Ethereum, Binance, Fantom and Polygon blockchain.
  • – Manage your DeFi portfolio through this clear dashboard for BSC.
  • YieldWatch – DeFi dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending and liquidity pool performance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Rugcheck – Check if a contract is safe to rugpulls on the BSC ecosystem.
  • TokenFomo – Real-time overview of newly deployed Ethereum and Binance contracts

DappRadar – Explore Dapps and see Dapps ranking


All the most valuable crypto artwork collections for NFTs. Tools and Analytics on Nun-Fungible Tokens. about Bitcoin and crypto markets. – Most expensive NFT Artworks sold, Highest NFT sales, best selling NFT artists, artworks sold per NFT marketplace and more.

NFTNerds – All kinds of NFT tools

Dune Dashboards – Discover plenty of DeFi and NFT dashboards with valuable data, or query and create your own

NonFungible – NFT Market Database and Analytics


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