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NFT Artists most popular most influential crypto featured image
NFT Artists most popular most influential crypto featured image


Top 10 Most Popular and Influential NFT Artists of 2022

Since 2020 NFTs are one of the hottest trends in the crypto space. Almost everyone is talking about NFT’s and some are making big banks from them.

The digital assets can represent visual artworks, music, videos, or anything else and are traded through NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway.

If you still do not know what NFTs are, fear not. You can quickly catch up by reading this article.

In this article we present the leading, biggest, top selling NFT artists that are pioneering this innovative and exciting part of the crypto space.

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With no further ado: a list of NFT artists who we think are the most influential, famous and popular in 2022.


Due to the large file sizes of many of the animated crypto artworks, we only show the static images here to give an impression. Check out the respective NFT marketplaces and artists’ websites for the original files of these beautiful crypto artworks.

1. Beeple

Beeple biography photo at the joe rogan podcast about nft art


The Picasso of pixels

Mike Winkelmann is a digital artist that got even more famous after auction house Christie’s sold his collage of daily artworks “Everydays: the First 5000 days” for a stunning $69 million in March 2021—the top-selling NFT to date.

He is known for his obscene, sometimes phantasmagoric artworks, mash-ups of pop culture and politics and this makes him truly a visionary digital artist at the forefront of NFTs.

It was Pak (5th on our list) that introduced Beeple to selling NFTs in October 2020. After selling “Everydays”, Beeple called NFTs an “irrational exuberance bubble”.

Currently, he makes most of his art using Cinema4D and rendering software Octane.

Make sure to check out all collections on his website and follow him on Twitter to see his everydays.

Beeple about life and his NFT Artworks on The Joe Rogan Experience-podcast. Listen here or watch on Spotify

2. Snowfro

Erick Calderon, or Snowfro, NFT artist, influencer and CEO of Artblocks: a generative digital art platform


Named after a snow cone stand he used to own.

Erick Calderon is a digital artist and founder of Art Blocks, the world’s first platform for creating on-demand decentralized generative (computer-generated) artworks.

From a young age, Snowfro was already taking his first steps into coding. It let him to projection mapping installations at music events and in 2017 he entered the NFT space.

Around then he got the idea to create a place where artists could write generative scripts on the blockchain that then form unique artworks basis on randomized variables.

Snowfro is best known for creating the Chromie Squiggle generative art NFT project. The Chromie Squiggles change when you hover over it, and there are more ways of interaction. Read more about it on Artblocks’ wiki.

View his NFT collection on OpenSea.

3. pplpleasr

PplPleaser biography nft artist influencer


Spiritual godmother of NFT collective PleasrDAO

Emily yang is a multidisciplinary artist and started designing visual effects for movies like Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond.

She also created One piece, a video for DeFi project Uniswap. That inspired the formation of PleasrDAO, a prolific NFT investment club.

Pplpleasr’s work is influenced by animated films, the underground music scene, video games, and traditional Chinese and Japanese art.

Check out her NFT collection on OpenSea.

4. PAK

pak nft artist biography


The Pied Piper of virtual art

Murat Pak is one of the most reputed NFT artists of all time. He was one of the most successful NFT artists before Beeple.

Back in the early 2020s, if people had to talk about who is the best NFT artist in the space, PAK’s name would pop up everywhere. Since then he has sold over $3.5 million Dollars worth of art.

His artworks have a dynamic, changing, abstract and futuristic theme.

Check out The Fungible collection, a collaboration with auction house Sotheby’s exclusively on NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway.


xcopy nft artist biography


The Anonymous One

London-based NFT artist was one of the earliest artists to dive into the crypto art space. He said that it was “the first and only way to sell my digital artwork in its true form”.

This NFT early-adopter reveals little personal information, however, his or her digital artworks rank among the top-selling.

The artworks are usually death- or dystopian-themed and come with a warning: flashing imagery.

View on OpenSea.

6. Josie Bellini

Josie Bellini the finance girl that turned to crypto and NFTs biography influencer art

Josie Bellini

The Finance girl

Josie Bellini is a crypto artist that was working in finance before she was introduced to the world of NFTs.

When she was doing programming summer camps, she already was constantly incorporating crypto and art in her projects.

Currently, Josie is working on CryptoBrokers that will include NFT collectibles. An owner will then have access to MirrorWave, a metaverse fashion brand, that she is also creating.

Most of her artworks revolve around the digital asset world in itself.

Watch an interview by Josie Bellini with Beeple.

7. Hackatao

nadia squarci hackatao biography nft artist


Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scarlet

The duo behind Hackatao—resides in the mountains outside of Milan, where they have been making digital art since 2018.

Their art represents topics on environment, humanity, crypto, and the issues of society.

The pair frequently depict little cartoon monsters in their surrealist pop art.

View their page on NFT marketplaces Nifty Gateway and SuperRare.

8. Itzel Yard

Itzel Yard Biography NFT Artist

Itzel Yard

IX Shells

One of the top-selling NFT artists. Commissioned by The Tor Project, which builds a privacy-focused web browser, she created “Dreaming at Dusk”.

The cryptographic key was used as input to create a generative artifact of the organizations’ first Onion Routing Service.

It was sold for around $2 million to PleasrDAO, a group of collectors, on Foundation.

Yard’s works are a lot about generative art. Using variables as input digital artworks are created automatically by computing the patterns and shapes.

View her page on OpenSea.


Fewocious NFT artist biography


NFT Renaissanceur

Victor Langlois was responsible for crashing auction house Christie’s website for the first time after too many buyers tried to bid on his digital art.

“Fewo” was only 17 years old when he gained immense success in the world of NFTs, selling more than $4 million dollars worth of art. After that launch to the moon, he had several collaborations: sneaker brand RTFKT Studios and with musician Two Feet.

When a New York-based art collector bought one of his artworks for as little as $90 Dollars, it opened the door since that person introduced FEWOCiOUS to the world of NFTs.

His artwork commonly features a collage-like style with notes placed on it.

View on OpenSea.

10. 3LAU

3LAU nft artist biography


pronounced “BLAU”

Justin David Blau is not a visual artist but an electronic dance DJ. He is the one that sold the world’s first tokenized album, earning $11.6 million. Soon after that famous artists like Kings of Leon and Jay-Z followed.

View on OpenSea.


All images used are courtesy of the respective artists.


What (famous) digital artist is missing on our list?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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